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May. 25th, 2011 | 04:52 pm
location: home
mood: pissed off pissed off
music: none

Well Todays Been ok. Ive not really done allot at all -Lazy me thinks.
Well ive not done nothing Look at some taster courses, one i saw is a beginners guide to sign language which can allways be useful- never know who you'll meet.

Im going taking it easy as ive had company past 2 nights and theres been bottles cakes and take aways everywhere. i can still see cream all over the walls... im not very impressed although it was fun.

I sometimes wonder where I'll be in 5 years time... I hope its not a crappy flat like this single glazing and asebestos falling through the celing. Ive manage to totaly fuck the crapet its disgusting One day im gunna have to go at it or order one of them carpet cleaners.

I think my best friend is ignoring me =( she cant even be bother to talk to me properly after all ive done for her and given her and shes just throwingme aside again...not impressed i lent her my sons travel cot . just messaged her so i can get it back lets see wether not she'll be funny or not. dont see why she should be. She has been given LOADS of money from the social to buy her daughter a cot and never bought one.

She just has a major stress at me being funny and then was nice well its a little late for that damage has been done girl! welli have a feeling she wont be getting no more loans anyway.

i feel like im in control again
just wanted to say before i sign ogg my husband steven your my everything and i love you xxx

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